Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Went to work without working .

today is november 13th. boohoo who doesn't knows it.
today. nike's office. guess what i did? basically nothing. it isn't a good thing cos i felt real bored. well, i sacrificed for andrew paul so that he can go to kl n set up few mannequins in fitness first. so i was all alone in the office. so i waited for the other andrew. damn we have loads of andrews in the office. i waited for him for lik almost one n a half hours. played foos by myself in the pantry for lik half an hour. then bla bla he finally came.

mannequin wearing nike pro, gay outfit. :p

brought me to tmn tun to eat banana leaf. n then some charity fund raising ppl came. for spastic childrens. then we din bother. n he told me story bout spastic childrens behind his hse. the one at tmn megah. they do dirty business n the boss got murdered 2years ago n all. he told me he even went to the hse n sweared like crazy when they had a meeting cos everyone was parking in front of their hses. to cut the whole story short. he hates that spastic childrens hse. not that he doesnt pity em jus tat they do loads of stuff which is not really pleasant.
went back there n surfed the web for bout an hour. some msian footballers and their wife came. they were so demanding. andrew(not paul) was lik that stupid demanding f-ed up b***h.
went to andrew's hse. screw him. i love his drums. he got like 6 cymbals which costs thousands all together. he bought 2 new k custom cymbals! wth. i was like when are u gonna give this drums to me.

thats bout my day lah. went to work without working. jus relax aje. at least i didn't waste my time at home stoning. (:

*cheers. (:

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