Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ivan Lim Huan-Wen.

okay. that 15 years old dude on top is me. (: i've no idea how to use a blog. and now i'm lik asking asking everyone how to do it. so forgive me aight? ><

so why did i decide to make a blog? well, everyone has a blog so yeah why not i join in the fun, right? :D that's part of the reason lah. the main reason is cos i guess i wanna blog. lols its cos i wanna blog bout my life. experience in my life n stuff like that. so maybe someday when i grow old and get married with someone on 25 and i'll look back at my blog, oh its my online diary! i can look back through my life, how cool, stupid, lala etc etc i was back then. so hopefully i wont post any crap down in this blog. hehe. so yeah. time for miami ink!

*cheers (:

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