Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another day in nike headquarters.

today is a bad day for me. my whole left arm is injured now and i doubt i can go to work tmr cos we're gonna like carry tons of stocks tmr. guess i over worked my whole arms too much today. dang. it sucks.

anyways work. today went to FAM. stupid place. went to gave them national team jerseys n stuff. and we ate the best char kuey teow in town! just in front of FAM. forgot wats the name lah. ate with wan, andrew and andrew paul. then andrew started telling us those times in tmn sea. like almost 10 years ago. telling us the history of..... BACKFIELD ! tons of stupid stuff happened there. like first week of school he saw someone chasing a guy all bleeding with a parang. n ppl fight till someone's hse' wall fell down. stupid stuff like that. haha.

went back to work and saw ex national team coach. zainal abidin. he smokes. geez. and nike gave him like 10 pairs of shoes. at least worth 4k d weih. n heck loads of other stuff. other than that my tai ko siva n my boss raymond went to penang to meet nicole david to sponsor her. but according somebody. not saying name. said nicole's dad talk alot of cock thats why very hard to get her sponsored. siva brought like at least 6-7k worth of nike products to give her. iish. so just rob him n u'll be rich d.

nothing much went home. then went to church for jamming session. first jamming session. didnt go that well. but whatever it is we wanna thank God for everything. and now here i am. most probably not going work tmr so i can rest. yay. that's all for today. toodles.

*cheers. (:

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