Friday, November 23, 2007

nov 23rd.

i finally muffled up my bass drums and it sounds awesome. :D to me lah. haha. teaching 2 students now. not bad eh? haha i'm still looking for students. purpose of teaching drums is cos i wanna pay for my own drums lessons. probably start next year. so yeah dont wanna waste mommy's money n all. so why not i can use my own earned money to learn. planning to improve my drumming.

so peeps. u won't see me online for 4days cos i'm going to std6 camp to help out. it's a puberty camp! :D am gonna have an awesome time there. so pray for me and everyone there. for those having holidays, don't waste your time. go learn some music instrument or dance or something. just don't stare at the comp all day long aight?
*cheers. (:

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