Saturday, November 17, 2007

november 17.

lalalalala. pretty awesome and tiring day for me. early in the morning got my new cymbals! sabian b8 medium crash. :D went to church. was waiting outside the cafeteria for meeting to start. saw a couple getting married. *10 more years ivan, 10 more.* then went for meeting to attend lessons bout puberty for std6 camp. was super funny. haha.

came out of the meeting half way for drums practice. had ZC! yay! played drums for youth. was a special day cos it was like some prize giving and appreciation day. i got juwita's new album for bringing the most friends for fcs. i didn't expect that coming.

after celebration got scolding by my bro cos of something. haha. then we went BIG GIANT outside to eat. goreng usa for dinner. then went to giant to bought junk food and some drinks to go to likxiang's house to eat supper there.

reached likxiang's house. let me see.. hmmm. likxiang, jiayi, sophia, andrea, liangzhi, zhiyu, zhiwei, grace, my bro and me were there. eat eat drank drank. suddenly, i fell asleep for one hour in the middle of everyone for like one hour. that was how tired i was. woke up and went home.

went giant.

at likxiang's

college ppl gotta study. lala me!likxiang n zhiyu. andrea n grace.king liang zhi n soppie. ini zhiwei. wats with that look ivan.

basically i spent my whole day out i came back at night n slept again. i love my sabian. gonna muffle my drums now and go for drums practice later. chaoooo peeps.

*cheers (:

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