Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my nov 19th 2007.

work was normal. some malaysian football player known as jackass came in the office with his cocky look askin for nike stuff... AGAIN. just cos he scored one freaking goal to get msia qualified thats why he thinks he's so famous n all. anyways, found some box writing prime minister's son-in-law's nike products labeled as "pm b*tch". someone in the workplace wrote it lah. so funny. haha. u should see the box then u'll know wat i'm saying.

enough of work. went to tony roma's after work. i spent. rm0. (: sam's so called bday lah. some pics ere.
this apek's bday. lols he's my goodfren.our pretty pretty waitress. charmaine.
meet kawan baikku, andrew paul. shawna, yilin*pfffft*, ying.

some crazy girl. lols.

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