Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sooooo i think i'm superman. oh WAIT! i am superman. :D

woke up at 8.15 today. washed up and waited for andrew. while waiting for him, i watched wonder pets on nickelodeon. a squirrel, a tortoise n a duck. liny tuck n ming ming. all i remembered is they saved a flamingo from the mud n wanted to be like me. superman. haha but they called themselves wonderpets lah. n the stupid duck can't pronounce r from w. it's likethe phrase lets jump over the river. instead it'll say lets jump over the wiver. all the small kids watch d then learn from it. then next time will have problem pronouncing r from w lah. stupid.
went to work. lets see wat happened today. oh yeah. ean from hitz tv and azura, last time from disney buzz came into the office n took nike stuffs. ean was the friendly one. he was like wassup? *doing the ROCK ON sign with his hands to me* then i was like hey. azura just stared at me. i didnt bother to say hi to her also. lols so anti social lah me. hahaha.

later i followed some dude name adrian to go to puchong n menara axis to set up mannequins. talked crap with him so much. then after tat i asked him how old is he. he asked me to guess. i was like umm 36? he was like wth how u know someone told u? i was like no. seriously no. then he asked me to write my birthdate down. i wrote 310192. then he said he wanted to buy 4d or something using that number cos i simply guessed his age right. so if he really got the number, i'll take half of the money he gets. :D told me story bout last time n all. he said the phrase drugs sex n rocknroll is the life now or something like that. last time wasnt like this. it was graffiti, art n rocknroll. he told me he even did some graffiti when he was form 1 at tmn sea school back then. graffiti on walls isnt a bad thing. it's art. only vandalisme is bad. that's wat he taught me.

after work went to ming tien to eat dinner with jeh and my family and other peeps. jeh is some cool guy who is a taiwanese but lives in america. he and his business partner opened the shop JUICEWORKS. so he's like the boss lah. and he does other business n all. so long never see him d. he got daughter d some more. i'm so gonna marry in 10 years time. lols.

n now here i am blogging. is my post boring? i guess it's just bout my life lah. at least i don't blog crap stuff out. if u think its boring n not worth reading. don't read lor. hehe. hmm i guess that's wats a blog for. it's like your online diary. so don't blog for the sake of blogging. goodnight peeps. time for miami ink!

wants a pair of any limited edition

nike sb like this .....

*cheers. (:

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