Monday, November 12, 2007


well, i'm working in nike's office for this holidays. so yeah, it has been my second week working ere. and it's a pretty awesome place to work in. why? cos nike's office has pretty cool people like meeee. :D haha no laah the people i work with are really cool. got our tai ko siva, then his right hand men Wan which we help him most of the time and andrew(not andrew paul) which swears like every sentence. he's the sneaker head and he's the really cool one who teaches us bout street culture and limited edition stuffs. check and one more girl allison. we don't really see her cos she always travels overseas to do some nike business stuff. that bout it.

i'll talk bout my day now. today we had deepavali celebration. nice food n all. n working people wearing nike pro, the gay outfit according to siva, and sarung and they danced and danced. was really funny weih. after tat the best one won nike merchandise. loads of cool stuff.

we did boring stuff the whole day. stocks counting. blahhhh. i fell asleep also. oh yeah fyi i'm working with andrew paul now. n yeah we normally criticise each other to take our boredom away. immature us. lols. pictures will come soon. hopefully. time for sleep now. nights!

*cheers (:

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