Sunday, November 18, 2007

nov 18th. drumming days.

u're so fine,
u're so fine,
u blow mind,

i don't know why,
u make me wanna fly,
into the sky,
and make me dump my girlfriend called khye!

inspired by HEY BITTY by someone.
ivan being really random.

i practically spent the whole day in church DRUMMING today. cos camp is coming sooooo sooooon! :D we practised from like 3 till bout 9. n rested for only like 15mins. no joke. my hands are swollen now. even have one blister on my right hand now.
bengkak-ish hands.

went to maybank mamak to eat with purdy, jared n my bro. n now i'm home. home sweet home. admired my new cymbal. thought of getting new hi-hats now. cash is all i need. not want. i need it. lols. peace out.
beloved sabian. (: jangan togel ya. limited edition stickers.

*cheers. (:

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