Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Is Rad.

Yes, I'm outdated. Follow me on twitter peeps. (:

Miley, show attitude somemore lah, tell your daddy. But I still like you lah. Why party in the U.S.A. ? Party in the farm in your hometown also nicer lah.

Carrie was telling JuLi and I how much she hates MileyCyrus' new song. That is why i decided to watch it on youtube. *piu piu piu!*

This is freaking dope. Starwars Lego Chess. got it from

Didn't go to school today, spent my day at Bucks (a new slang i learnt from SarahLee), JayaOne with Carrie and JuLi. Carrie is a genius in Sejarah, she knows every single detail in the form 4 and 5 book. But she's an awesome tutor seriously. Pretty darn good in explaining everything to me. Thanks for teaching me chapter 9 and sorry that i dissapointed you by getting 15 wrong. But if I get A for it in SPM I'd definitely bring you out for dinner.

Both of them were busy with their phones. Why? Blame tweeter. And you know lah they purposely show off to me their canggih phones. But somehow they got me into tweeter again, well I had it all along just that I don't know how to message people and I didn't really bother to learn how to do it so i just neglected it. Carrie taught me how to do it already so I'm gonna start tweeting and learn those stupid tweeter terms.

& she thinks that I'm so blonde that I think that NewMoon is coming out in SPM.

since few of you like my status in facebook. I'm going to post it up here too.
I said, " Okay facebook, I'm gonna face my books now. " I love talking crap, love. <3
Alright I'm going to focus on learning my drum parts for this week's ZC's songs.



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