Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Mom, My Superhero-ine.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I was too caught up with my studies till I forgot about everything else. "I just need some rest," the body says.

I was telling my friends at school that it was my mom's birthday. But but i forgot to wish her till like late at night after physics tuition. what a bum son.

I'm really proud cos I've got her as my mommy. She's the greatest woman on earth. & I wouldn't ask for more from her. Love you, mom.

Somebody call 911! no, not shawty fire on the dance floor. but it's cos today's 911 when America's World Trade Centre was strucked down by the terrorist. I stil remember clearly where I was on that day.

So, physics time! I really need God's wisdom to help me understand. Headache.

One more week of torture. 68 days to prison for one whole month.

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