Sunday, September 13, 2009

Physics !

Let me introduce you to my friend. His name's Einstein. He freaking made 3 principles and one more principle on energy transfer which's e equals mong cha cha and now we got to learn it in physics. what a bum.

I used to love physics so much till i thought i was to good at it and neglected it. Now it became my worse science subject. Thanks Einstein aka smarty pants who doesn't have anything to do and came out with stupid principles that saved the earth and made it a better place. I'll come out with Ivan's Law or Principle some day which will make everyone into X-Men and we don't have to study to become smart. Oh! maybe i should invent another atomic bomb, shoot from the plane (huiying.. haha you get me) and then cause radiation onto the whole earth and the earth won't be round anymore too but it'll be a shape of a monkey.

I'm going nuts.

one more week. anyone party on friday night? :D

*vanwasere. cursingeinstein. BLAH!

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