Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Just A Game We Play.

Exams oh exams, I have this love/hate relationship with exams. I detest it so much because it makes me suffer, yet I love it at the same time cos it teaches me to be discipline and at the end of the day i become smarter.

Exams' just like a game, a pretty dumb yet exciting and terrifying game that we all have to play in life. The worse part of it, we can't use cheat codes to skip a stage. Let me tell you how I view this whole process of exams.

STAGE 1-The Green Turtle.

This green turtle is like the daily homework and monthly test that we have in school. It hits you but it doesn't hit you real hard. You can kill it with just a shot after you get your flower power or you could just jump on it and it'll hide into it's shell and kill it by jumping on it.

STAGE 2-The Red Turtle with Wings.
This red turtle above is like the term test that we take. It attacks you, but to kill it, you've got to have some skill and hardwork to kill. So it's like we've got to study real hard just to kill these killer turtles.

STAGE 3-The Big Turtle aka THE BOSS. This is UPSR, PMR, SPM. The real deal and everyone will ask you for your results. So it's like if all of you are into supermario, you would ask each other if you have killed this boss or not. Requires a lot of effort to kill it cos it would not take a shot to kill it right away.
And once you've completed everything, guess what? You as supermario, get to jump onto a long flag to get some extra points and tadaa you finish the stage.
I was wearing my awesome supermario boxers. I think that's why i thought I was Supermario

Nintendo classic supermario.

But WAIT! Hold on. Because after you have completed everything, Nintendo will come out with a new SuperMario, and this is like heading to college for me next year. And the whole cycle goes over and over again, just like a steering wheel. Told you it's a stupid game we all play.

I grew up with Supermario. I can sing like the whole Supermario song too if you want me too. When I was in mommy's womb, she played Tetris and Supermario all day long just to kill time. I think that is why i have the skill now. So hey future mommy(s) in this world, if you want your kids to be smart, make sure you study hard when you're pregnant, it works, seriously.

*vanwasere. supermariorocks. (:

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