Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boom. Zoom. Room.

art on my drumstick's nylon tip.

This post, will be about my room. Let's just say, I've been spending a lot of time alone in my room.

This is my room after during trials. "No air, no air." Chris brown sings, cos he came into my room and all he could breathe into his lungs was dust.

This is my room after trials. so much cleaner. I still breathe books.

Pimp my phone. It got all pimped and bimbo-ed up. Thanks SarahLee. (:

Why bum? Because B is for Biology and B is for Bum.
A cheap skateboard magazine which entertained me during the weekends.

My schedule for the week which is pretty impossible to achieve because i procrastinate too much.
& a lil art to blend in with my schedule for the week.

I must admit that i kind of wasted my whole holidays away. I really wanted to go on my hardcore routine of nerding up the whole week but i failed miserably and i only managed to finish one chapter of Sejarah throughout the whole week.

Can you all smell it? The smell of SPM's becoming stronger.

I really thank God because I got a call from HELP college and I'm being offered a scholarship to study in HELP. Everyone say woots woots. Not sure how many percent though but I'm really praying hard that it's full scholarhip, or not I don't think i'd be accepting it cos it'll still be a tad bit expensive for me. So yeap keep me in prayers. (:

So here comes another boring week of school, just getting back results and wasting our time away in school. "Here I go, to Taman SEA, when i try to let it go, cos it's my only my only one."

*vanwasere.countingdowntothedaystospm. (:

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