Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Classic Days.

Thursday- We're famous peeps.

Just press the link on top, I don't know how to do the *click here* thingy. Blame my noobie computer skills. We've got publicity already even though it was just the first day

I just had one of those drumming days when I drum all day and do nothing else and at late night after all the hectic practices all I want to do is get on my bed and fall asleep.

I had a practice with the band, excluding one member the whole afternoon and somehow we blend together pretty good even though we've never played together before.

Melvin prays : " Lord, give us the juices so that we can find a song to play. "
Josh Seb : " Let's go to the kitchen and find a blender now. "

Imagine four monkeys in a hot stuffy room together and all of them having the same goal - to make good music for the world to listen. just awesome. (:

Thanks Josh Seb for coming all the way from Old Klang Road (not Klang, but it's the road on the way to klang), made your 2 hour ride all the way to my house just for practice. Really appreciate you and your voice and the guitar playing in the band.

Night time, was just so uber tired but had to drag my lazy butt to church for worship practice. loved the worship practice that day and it was a really an achievement for all of us that night after being able to nail the song "Jesus Reigns" . Too many beats in one song.

Friday- Last days.

A cute boy with two girls.

After 5 years in this school, I can say that I'm ready to leave this school already. Honestly, there's only few things that I'm proud of this school. To name one, PJK lessons. Thank You Mr Zol for making this lesson interesting and this is the only lesson, other than reccess that students look forward to. And for the majority of the teachers, I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings or whatever if I ever did. Please don't ever think that your student is stupid even if they are. Yes specifically a few of you who scold us without thinking rationally. I'm sorry for you all. A teacher is suppose to help students in life, instead you made most of your students dislike you. I'm just sorry for you teachers. But stil, I'm grateful that you've taught us abit in lessons.

Days are counting till I leave this school for real, definitely no form 6 for me.

*vanwasere.we'reallgrowingup. (:

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