Tuesday, September 1, 2009

b u b b l e g u m .

Brat Wannabe. :O
Okay, you've gotta admit this is the funniest thing you're ever seen.

It all started with Woon drawing a picture of an explosion. But no two jakuns named Ivan and Yujie thought it was a tree. So I drew a guy who got hanged (the one on the left) trying to imitate Banksy's art. google him. Yujie added a few heads on the right. & to top it off i drew two eyes and a mouth. Tadaaa this is what we get as the end result!

This is my room early in the morning.

Something sweet from someone sweeter? (:

2 days down, 2 and a half weeks more to go. big bum.

*vanwasere.bobbingtotravisbarkerXdjam. (:

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