Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Again!

Eye Bags, Panda peeps.

Had a mini surprise party for Andrea at Tzeyi's. What a party animal, dreaa. One party after another.

Just the few of us that stayed back and chit chat to kill time. I drove woots!
Zhiwei. all burnt up.
Zhiyu and Tzeyi. looking all bubbly for the camera.
Me. looking fat, i mean phat!
Andrea. birthday girl who got all tipsy after drinking 7 shots before she came here.
Sophia and the whole girl gang were here to suprise her too but they left to the airport to send someone off. I want the group picture. (:

Life has been, not life at all. Something brought me down yesterday. like really baaam right in my face. Guess sometimes life isn't fair? Not going to leader's retreat and knowing that everyone had so much fun already brought me down so much. I don't know, I just question God. Just maybe try to understand how just too many things that happen at the same time and things that are due have to make this life of mine miserable. why?

sorry for the emo rant. I've been driving around quite a bit by myself and I like speeding. Playing need for speed got me into this. Speed oh speed, you won't know how it feels like till you actually do it. It feels awesome! But I'm pretty scared to speed when I have a passenger beside me cos I'd be responsible for your life.

Mom: Andrea, you sat in Ivan's car that day ah?

Andrea: Yes, aunty.

Mom: You seriously dare to sit his car ah? I'm sure you were praying really hard when you were in his car.

Me: -.-

So, anyone wants to sit in my white ferrari? (:

*vanwasere. (:

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Tyler said...

Hey man, idk how i got to your page, i think i clicked on a picture of paramore or something, but i read your little "about me" thing and it sounded EXACTLY like me. It was pretty weird and cool at the same time. I just thought i should share that.

Have a nice day!