Friday, March 28, 2008

my name is ivan. (:

okay i'm freaking sick now and i didn't go to school today. *coughsdrumscoughssnneezeachooo!* since i'm bored. i decided to blog! :D great idea eh?
last thursday. i went for youth alpha training. had an awesome time there with winnie the speaker for both the days.
our mr peeping tom.
yeah? sb sb sb i want sb!
jon and daryll going to another world.
my dead balloon that got squasked by my pretty awesome butt.
wow i'm invinsible! great magic trick nise!! :D

baby matthew. cute baby.
it was on wednesday night.
pretty in pink. Denise is a hot nerd now. :p
pontianak wannabe!
a game of LIGRETTO on a friday night brings joy to our oh so boring friday night life!

ready.. set..
Jess won the game. chill lah jess. Jess says,"I'm so happy i won allan! *jumps with joy*"
on the way back. Denise had a crazy idea of brain freezing ourself with slurpee on the way back. we had our STUN moment! lols.
i was a good boy and i cleaned all my shoes. spent bout an hour washing all my shoes. look at how dirty it was. gettin ready for dinner at church as we were having our official opening ceremony and easter day! Nise and Jojo.
nise me.

after dinner, went to yippee cup in ss2 to catch the big game between man u and liverpool.
us. ice cream gang. X)

project acting cute. failed..
it won't kill u or get u drunk. trust me. zhiwei.
i'm sick.. dreaming of my new drums. will update bout it soon! :D gonna clean up those dirt on my old one. enjoy this post although it's a lil slumber-ish.
*cheers. (:

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