Tuesday, March 18, 2008

catching up with the ol' peeps.

finally a lil time to update my blog.
it was last Thursday.
just to tell of u. i dont't have any pics to blog bout this post cos i don't have any with me now.

it was bout in the afternoon, i put on my streething shirt, Denise Lah came and picked me up to ou. talked talked and talked. i never get bored when i'm with her and that's a very good thing cos she knows how to make the dull moment un-dull again when it becomes dull. :D

this is the only pic i've got for that day. (:

caught up with suetyun. havent seen that mangkuk for ages man. it's like wow finally after last hols we didn't get to catch up with each other. finally! we got to talked. haha.

night time!

kapoh organised a dinner in laundry, italiannese for natt as she was here in msia. she's still here and she's gonna go back to US like tmr. no booze. we were being good kids. :D

saw lots of friends like weilun, minhui, the whole catholic peeps,yiching and lots more that i havent seen for ages. it's really great when u spend time with them after a long time not meeting up with them. i'm already missing all of them. Had a great time there.

went back. guess what i did? i slept. :p

*cheers. (:

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