Tuesday, March 18, 2008


last saturday. (:
we had cg outing in FRIM! with all the E-cgs except Gab and Lydia che cg. woooops we forgotten bout em? :p Denise took all the shots. almost. THANKS PHOTGRAPHER(with the slang)!
i was sleepy. really. philip. HI! :D the really cook tree which has magnetic field within each other. nice pic. (:
love shaped leaf.
Denise and Shu Ern. National Geographic pose. LOL.
toilet tree. get it? TOILET TREE! (toiletry. laugh ppl LAUGH!)
giving the cheesy smile for the cam. E-peeps!
FRIM next top model. winner!

jeremy and me.
what do u call for this shot?
"like OH, my gosh... "
the pretty pretty scenery from the bridge.

Denise's Lah.. HAHAHAHAHA.


i got my national geograpgic pose too!
Denise says, " AHHHHHH! I'm so happy and i dont know why! "

Zhiwei. ahhhhh...
Ian Kam.. Ian come... :p dang i'm mean.
someone taking wedding photos in the forest. how weird. the guy smoked to release stress. Denise, i bluff bluff take u so that the couple wont see that i'm taking picture of em right? hahahaha.
finally. K.O.
had an AWESOME time with everyone in FRIM. am looking forward for the next CG outing wit everyone. :D
after everything, washed myself up, got ready for church, ended up in Kim Marie cutting my hair. I asked for a mo-hawk. don't seem like one though.
went to curve after church. i can tell u all i was exhausted man. i slept without even bathing.
a pretty exciting and tiring day.
*cheers. (:

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