Friday, March 7, 2008

7th of march. happy birthday!

happy birthday andrew paul!
this post is dedicated to this fellow up here.
ANDREW PAUL. define him, blur, cool, emo, cute, nike, millionaire, ivan, sam, andrea, nadia etc etc. LOL.
He's my buddy. a really close friend. he wears boxers. :p my life will definitely be dull without this dude lah. so yeah man brother. big boy already now. make decisions in life okay? He got like everything except a girlfriend now. so yeah the perfect birthday present for him. A girlfriend. ah well. thanks for everything dude.
it was a holiday. sooooo, bummed around in my house in the morning. I went to the dentist in the afternoon. AND THIS TIME GUESS WHHAT I SAW BESIDE MY MOM'S CAR? the previous time i saw car got broke in beside my mom's car. this time i saw a car ALL BURNT UP! woohoo. i wonder what car will be next when i visit the dentist the next time.

burnt out 10!

as i was waiting for andrew they all to come curve.. i went to some toy shops to check out some toys. i realize that they still sell pokemon cards.

went to tony roma's to feast. jakun.


*cheers. (:

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