Saturday, March 1, 2008

farewell my bestfriend. feb 29th.

ah ban and me. bros always. (:

well it's sad when your friend leaves u. but life's like this. people come into your life and people go away from u.
my friend gan chin ban aka ah ban is leaving my school now to a school far far away that he doesnt even know what school it is. i've known him since std 5 and he's like my best friend since then. he's a really cool guy if u get to know him. we treat each other as though both of us are brothers and heck yeah losing a brother is sad. i'll definitely miss his company with all of us in school. God bless u my brother!
andrew and ban.
kah seng and ban.

superstar of the day! u gotta tilt your head to look at this pic cos i cant seem to rotate this pic.

us at secret recipe after futsal. ah ban spend us! :D

a blessing to me.

*cheers. (:

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