Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday PIGGY!

On Sunday.
It was Dionne's bday!
it took sacrifice just to go for her bday u know. i didn't have transport there. so she asked me to get ready in 5 mins to go to kampung tunku school when i still havent brushed my teeth wash my face, eat, shit or whatever i'm suppose to do. i managed to brush my teeth at least before i ran my life out to kampung tunku school. phew. finally got into the taxi. it was crazy i tell u.
went to TGIF to eat lunch, shared with my lala partner, Juli. then we went for movies, AH LONG ! a movie worth watching. u can laugh your butt off man. like seriously. it's kinda linked to the other show i think its called Follow the Law. And according to my bro it's the chinese version of MY WIFE IS A GANGSTER. yeah laugh till u drop man this show. whats LP? watch the show to find out.
after the movie, went to Denise's house cos i didnt want to go home. THANKS FOR FETCHING ME! :D watched TV. worked out with 2 kg weights. i'm weak man. Then i finally got hungry and she made me a burger. and this is the whole proccess of eating a burger..
TV.... and more TV!work out before u eat next time okay? haha.i'm happy to finally see a burger!give that uber cheesy look for Denise's burger!take a bite..look at it.. munch munch..swallow it...take another bite.."how come no more already one?"Mr. messy? nooooo...yum yum!"dessert!" onion soup. my very first time trying it.

this post is so full of myself man. feeling all weird now. anyways enjoy! (:

*cheers. (:

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