Wednesday, March 12, 2008

and it is still that day...

i decided to go to Tango Mango in curve to study while Denise babysit me. But.. ended up staring at Denise's toy till we went for dinner and i didn't touch my books at all. ):

If u happen to pass through this place, it's like after curve there, notice the sign board. Some car banged it i guess. In her mom's car trying her sweater. extra sexy..
Wednesday. finally!
i did not study still.. i cleaned up my room and went for drums lessons with Elliot. pardiddles ya'll!

my toilet door. :D

at least the floor is cleaner now. (:

i ate my last gobstopper.

when u put into your mouth for one minute. It'll become bigger! LOL.

Isaac oh Isaac Lim... when will u stop buying handphones?

*cheers. (:

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