Monday, December 22, 2008

Ivan Rocks Lah.

I think i've been going out a tad bit too much this holidays and taking advantage of me being home alone cos the parents are in China having a great time together. But it's all good. (: I'm just too lazy to update this blog cos normally i'd wake up and come home n sleep the whole routine keeps on going for the past few weeks.

And this was last last week i think? Was setting up the chairs for someone's wedding. The couples' names were Staphanie and Jason. Yeah Staphanie. So we're gonna find this Stephanie *points up* a Jason for her to get marry to. :p go fat boy me!
On the next day during the wedding, i went to the toilet and i wanted to wash my hands and i realise someone stole this away. Random much.
Before the camp, I had to plan with my lovely E2 members( you all rock! :D ) for talentime. We spent countless of hours just giving out ideas and then we realised our ideas were too much to act out so we decided to redo the whole thing last minute.
The Parable Of The Sower in Children Show Style. *click on picture to read all the random facts*
Before the day of camp during midnight...
I got so stressed up so i became The Hulk! green face monster!

And then i tried to make a power ranger mask. A nerdy one. The end results was awesome lah and everyone loved it cos we had a team of power rangers.

And who guessed it? We won talentime as the first 5 teams and we won another 200bucks voucher for tgif. I'm really proud of all of you E2 peeps! :D

*Commercial break for this blog post* Ultraman in disguise, Ultromen! in chocolate style yo.

LiangJun aka Spongebob aka Superstar. He was interviewed by 1am because he won the best actor and the video of him being interviewed might be somewhere online. haha! GO LIANGJUN!

I had a great time at this camp just being reminded of how awesome this God, Jesus loves me so much. Another chapter of my life closed. But I know i'll keep on living for the BIG MAN up there in heaven. :D

*vanwasere. (:

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