Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Say, " Hello DECEMBER! "

11 months has passed just like the speed of light. wooooosh. (not bad for handphone's camera eyh? :p)

Woke up in the morning and took a taxi to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Carrie and Nicholas to catch TWILIGHT! Girls were mad over this Edward Cullen dude lah. The girls in the whole cinema were like,"oooooh ahhhhhh!" when he came out. Carrie wanted to shout like them too but she said she didn't want to cos she had me and nick beside her. haha! He's freaking pale lah. The girl also not pretty. The movie was okay? i'm gonna read the book to understand bout it more. haha.

The Cullens.

After the movie, headed to Carls Jr. They have lots of taglines that'll get us fat. "SCREWTHEDIET"hahaha. and something like, "She say she's afraid of being fat, she's lying."

Went to pick Carrie's sisters up and went to Mcd's and we had some big time gossip session. I'm the prom king and nick will be the prom queen. :D

Let me tell you a story bout Dumb Taxi Drivers.

I called for a cab and told him i wanted to go to ss1 which is back to my house. The fellow asked me to hop on to his car. I got in then he was like where's ss1? Then i told him somewhere at sungai way, somewhere at ss2. Then he was like i cant pick u there, it's way too jam now. WATHEHECK RIGHT! He fetched all the way to subang cos he thought that ss1 was at subang. Ended up dropping me at a KTM station and i've gotta freaking pay him 5bucks for the ride. Took KTM to KL sentral. I'll never sit KTM again. It's so jam packed with humans. Thank God i wasn't standing to someone who has a bad odour. Went all the way to KL sentral and took and lrt back to Paramount. And bro picked me up from there to go to church for jamming. The Freaking End.

Despite me being so frustrated with stupid taxi drivers who don't know their way, I had fun in church jamming. Spent so much money just on transport. I want a license, mommy.

I've been eating a lot of choki choki these past weeks. Finally, the last one.

It's December now. A season to be jolly and lalalala. I'm in the christmas mood already and I'm gonna buy myself a double pedal for my christmas present. My new baby. Waiting for it now so I'm gonna be happy like a lil kid who just got his new toy. :D i love December. Don't be jealous girls. :p

Time flies, faster than a bird. I'm getting old, but younger to death. So live everyday like there's no tomorrow. (:

Before i finish this post, let me tell you a joke.

The other day in church, Pastor Glen from 1am's church was sharing a word to us. She was telling us, " If you want a tan, you'll get under the sun to get one." so i told Daryll, "So how do you get a nine?"

*vanwasere. (:

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