Monday, December 22, 2008

The Days When My Mommy And Daddy Are Not At Home. >.<

Once upon a time, the Lim parents went to China for honeymoon for 2 weeks. So, their sons Isaac Lim Huan-Wei and Ivan Lim Huan-Wen had to get ready their own food for 2 weeks with 200bucks each. But since the Lim Brothers spent almost everything and didn't have enough money to go out to eat already, they decided to go to GIANT and buy some stuff to try to cook and survive for the week. And low and behold, they came back with the thing called FOOD! *jeng jeng jeng* They cooked it, but of em was either burnt or in bad shape as a result. They still ate it and thought it was good because they put their heart into cooking and they felt their own love in the food that they ate. Now they're missing mommy cos they want her superyummylicious food that she cooks everyday. So that they can live happily ever after.

Decided to make Tom Yum fried rice today... So i boiled the rice.
took out the tom yum paste from the fridge...
and waited for the stupid rice to get boiled. Eat, Sleep, Play Psp...
Resulting in stuff like this. *points up* The rice was horrible so i threw it away. The chicken, sausages and egg that i made was awesome so that was my dinner.

When we brothers don't cook, we eat this yummy yet unhealthy stuff. RAMEN!

And their still waiting for their mommy and daddy to come back.


*vanwasere. (:

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