Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm a SASA-rian. rawr !

Been playing around with my dad's semi DSLR.
Don't really know how to use it still. Anyone wants to teach me? :D
Alright, so I finally got the letter when I was not even waiting for the postman cos I was out all day with Suetyun yesterday at curve, studying at bucks all day. http://www.justthesimpleme.blogspot.com/ see whether she updated on it or not cos she's having all the pictures. heh. Ayam Penyet, Sambal and Soda Gembira for dinner. yum yum!

Came home, read the letter. Full scholarship baby! But even though it's a full scholarship, which is like RM18k, A levels here cost about RM30k plus minus. Oh well, looks like I'll be starting college in January. Not really psyched about it somehow. God, I need clarity.

My pretty pretty wall. spot me.

One day in the car on the way to school

Dad : " Ivan, I canceled out the astro already. (cos we got some new satellite called Good TV)

Ivan : " So how am I gonna watch cartoons now? "
Dad : " You can watch those on TV 3 and RTM.
Ivan : " -___________- ! "

Emo sial whole day cos I've been watching cartoon all my life. No more powerpuff girls, no more blues clues, no more Hannah Montana and High school musical just to name a few. wtheckkk!

On the bright note, I think after me emo-ing. He canceled out certain packages only. But I still don't have cartoons and sports channel. sighs!

I really should be studying. one more post.

... & I shall name you, Shy Lim.

*vanwasere.i'vegottheboomboompow. (:

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