Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodbye For Now.

Some rapper when i googled SPM. even the title says, " When Devils Strike. " SPM's a devil. how satanic. *pose* (points up)

alright, so i'm trying real hard to abstain myself from the computer. But daddy left the modem here.

Life has been awesome other than counting down the days to SPM. My mommy is going to pay up for my college fees soon. Been hanging around with my quality friends quite a bit, something I can't do anymore for 2 months, i hope.

In fact, I love the band I'm with now. I've been with so many bands throughout these 5 years, filling in for various bands as a fill in drummer for performances. Not to say I'm good or anything, but I guess attitude and being able to work with others and giving in to others plays a big role in a band. That's what I've learnt over the years. To all the bands that I've played in before, thank you for giving me the chance to play with you guys and girls.

The Van Company? Our song list now is I've got a feeling, we were meant to live & fix you. so if you put it all together its...

I've got a feeling that We were meant to live to Fix you. awesomeeee.
we're gonna be famous soon, you'll see.

Anyways, don't expect me to blog too often now until SPM's over. the devil awaits... and the devil will be a footstool for my feet. I'll conquer you, evil one, SPM.

looking forward after the last chemistry paper on december 9th. woots woots!

*vanwasere. storyofafutureoldschoolrocker. (:

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