Monday, October 5, 2009

Where Are You Mr. Postman? !

Classic postman picture. awesome, I'm a sucker for these kinda stuff.

I woke up today, looked at the clock and it showed 8.30 am. The first word that came into my mind was SH*T! (sorry for the inappropriate language) I'm late for the SASA scholarship ceremony! Then I flipped open my oh-so-sexy phone, and i came to realise that today is only Monday. wtheck.

I've no idea if i should consider what happened today as a good thing or a bad thing. I'm just excited and nervous at the same time to see the results of how much scholarship I'm being offered.

That was early morning when i woke up.

Texted my third bum in life aka ChinHuiYing, know why she's my third bum in life? Cos my backside which consists of 2 of my bum bum already so she's the third one. We're just close friends but not so close till she's attached to my backside lah. Don't you feel the love? (: Asked her whether she could drop me at school so i can return my text books. She being a nice girl decided to pick me up so that i can return those books.

At school,

Pn Kwang : " This one your girlfriend ah? "
Ivan cock stares : " nooo.. -.- "
Ivan to Huiying and Huiying : " You wish laah. " lol.

Went to Huiying's crib to study a lil Bio and we had a lil conversation in between our study session.

Me : " I really don't like smart people. "
Huiying : " So that means you don't like yourself lah. "
Me : " No, I mean I don't like people who's smarter than me, cos I'm a selfish guy. "
Huiying : " Oh, no wonder you love me so much lah. "

HAHAHAHAHA! yes lah love you gay buddy our phones even have the same colour. pink and black sexy sial.

Chowern calls : " Ivan! I GOT FULL SCHOLARSHIP! "

Okay weird i was just thinking about SASA in the morning and now she calls me telling me that she received a full scholarship.
Mommy picked me up from huiying's. Opened the postbox, no letter one.

So I waited and waited all day long...

I checked the postbox at least 5 or 6 times today to see if the letter would magically appear or drop down from heaven onto my head or come out from a bird's bum while doing big business in the sky.

So I finally made a conclusion...

I think postman's birthday today. He never come my house today! when i was looking forward to see him for the first time all my life. tsk tsk.

So this is a story of me waiting for a postman all day long.

Another thing that happened yesterday, I watched Bruno with Huiying and Yilin at Yilin's crib. Don't ever watch it, worse show ever. I felt so disgusted that i felt like puking literally when i came back home. stupid gay movies. really detest that show so much.
That's all for now.

*vanwasere.God,givemeafullscholarshippleaseandthankyou. (:


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