Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To The Left, To The Left.

Suit?... Or Tux? (:

I've just watched

-Transformers 1.
-Wild Child.
-Bride Wars.

And I think I might start Gossip Girl soon?

I know lah I'm outdated, forgive me. Action movies haven't been a big hoo-haa to me lately, I've been digging more of the chick flicks and action movies had been quite sucky, sorry to say that. "Robots in the skies!" says huiying.


-I'm officially a self claimed big boy now, I passed my driving test after failing it last week! *jumps for joy* Julian from Dj school, my driving test kaki-lang took our test together. He's a whole lot of crap, good crap. Talking bout the steering wheel as the circle of life and how he's going to track the stupid JPJ officer who only wants rasuah so that he could burn his car. NenLin and GoeThong would be next, nightmare for both of you.

-NS candidates list was out and I didn't get chosen. Unlucky me.

-Report Card Day. Total waste of time. To the particular teacher, phycoughcoughsics teacher, just because I've asked you questions that you cannot answer and I didn't freaking sign up for the stupid college thing and I didn't want to go for it, doesn't mean that you've to give me a B for my sikap. You deserve a fail for your own attitude and I'm sure the whole school agrees with me bout it. Immature.

-Can't wait for my surprise from Andrew! From Nike office? :D

Is coming. freak freak freak to the beat.

-My brother's birthday. What should I get him?
Andrea: I don't know what to get for him lah, he has everything.
Ivan: When someone don't know what to get for someone something, they'll say that.
True? Cos I say it often too. (:

-And I'm here rotting at home.

-I think I rock.

-I need a pair of high cut Nikes.
Gahh my blog is stupid that's why everything is in the middle now.

Currently digging : Echoes-Digitalism.

*vanwasere. (:

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