Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Tuesday, I can't be wrong on what day is it today because I just checked at the bottom right column of the screen.

School was blahh. Got back almost all my test results. Pretty satisfied with it but I think I can do much better with more preparation and hard work of course. Was quite upset with my English and Physics marks though. :/

I came back from school and finished up my last 99 pages of Twilight and I'm finally done after 3 months of procrastinating to finish the book. The storybook's more interesting than the movie and i just watched New Moon's trailer. As all the girls said, Jacob is the hot one in the new movie. I remembered watching Twilight with Carrie and Nick, all the girls were screaming their lungs out when Edward appeared. I'm guessing that all the girls would give their piercing shouts to Jacob in the next movie? Kudos to me for finishing the book.

Gym Class Heroes' AWESOME. "Take a look at my Girlfriend, She's the only one I've got..." gives me goosebumps when i watched their live gig. Awesome Possum.

*vanwasere. musicplease? (:

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