Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just For Kicks.

I skipped class just for this picture. i quote, " Don't mess with the Zol-han. " A 12year old kid is stuck in this man's body. Mr Zol, if you read this, know that you rock my socks. (:

I've been going out every single day just to avoid the loud "bing bang boom pow" noises in my house. I'm out now in Rauf's house to get my add maths project so that i can finish it soon. I've been staring at my handphone a lot for the past week, just to get a reply from you.

Anyways, last week has been pretty, um i can't find the word to describe it, there was a lot of dull moments when i just stare at the ceiling for like a few hours, holding my phone doing nothing. The thought of trials, SPM, getting good results kills me on the inside. I was just having a conversation with Suetyun yesterday and both us were talking bout our future, it's pretty scary i must say. I've got to constantly remind myself the verse that says, " Do not worry bout tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry bout itself. " There's also pretty exciting moments when I get to spend quality time with my friends knowing that God put 'em in my life for a reason. Life can be awesome and dull at the same time, to me at least.

There's just too much in life, when there's only a little that's happening. Maybe it's just the weather, or just me. Sometimes things are a lil confusing- feelings, emotions, sun, rain, Volcano, Life. I want, need answers in life, but those answers may not be the answers that i want. The thought of it is pretty scary even right now as I'm typing this, just because i'm pretty confused bout this thing called life..?

This goes no where if i keep on thinking about the unnecessary, it's eternal. I miss you and you're not here. Ask me and I'd say I don't know cos I don't have the answer.

& someone just passed away a week or so ago, i might not know you, but i want to thank you on behalf of Sam for blessing Sam with a guitar even though you didn't know who he was. Know that when we make good music for God, we'll remember you too.

Faith. What a big five lettered word.

*vanwasere.towritefaithonmyback. (:

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