Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a school post.

superman. (:
okay so this is stuff i do in school. i've got tons more of pictures but thanks to Liann's high resolution pictures, i don't ave the patience to upload it cos it takes too long. credits to Liann for bringing her camera to school everyday so that i can take pictures of stuff everyday in school.
stress stress! chemistry quiz! lol who took this? i was happy looking at someone's butt. most probably the butt belongs to woon.
i was amused by this during assembly. i saw a praying mantis eating another green bug in a yellow flower. not bad shot eh? yeap i got passed the teachers when i took this picture. my school shoes for this week is like that.
i saw 3 dudes walking on the lrt rail. we were waiting for a lrt to come actually...
last last last week i think.
this idiot got interviewed .

i have a cool bio teacher who watches hannah montana.

yeah school is like jail. even the doors look like it.ah well i took quite long just to upload the pictures. enjoy. (:

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