Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chinese New Year!

had been so busy since my bday on thurs, coming back so late till finally on monday i decided to stay at home and finish up my homework. i did so much just in so few days.

am in Johor now.. in grand aunt's house. getting bored. haha bro wanna play dota with me in another comp so im like waiting for him. YES i do play dota. i dont seem like the kind who plays that stupid game. :p but oh well im getting bored now. gahhh. gonna go to my dad's side later then i'll see all my cuzzies. :D looking forward to it.

ANYWAYS, chinese new year is all bout reunion right? its not a sin to pray for more ang paus also. :D i want lots of money! past few days spent hundreds on hanging out and now im broke already. soooo, wat should i do with my money? nope im not gonna buy fireworks. im gonna spend a lil on it but not hundreds this year.. i wanna buy a new watch, a new pair of jeans as my mom doesnt allow me to buy clothes for some reason, and i want a new pair of shoes cos my shoes it's dirty and i dont know how to get it clean. sighs. andrew tan/paul give me one pair please? (: yeah thats bout it. i really hope i can get at least 1k from ang paos though. by God's awesome grace. :D :D

i did not get much presents for my bday but i got an awesome one though. had a surprise party by church friends like 11 on thursday night after jamming session. my good friends in school din get me anything. *hints hints!* USE UR AND PAOS! X) joking lah. but but. neverminddd..

so off to pudge wars now. will be back on sunday.

*cheers peeps. (:

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