Friday, February 22, 2008


me on dentist's chair.
i've been going to dentist for like 5 or 6 weeks in a row already cos i have to do some nerve treatment on my tooth or gums. i had a bicycle accident when i was std 2 so yeah now only doing the treatment.
before i went to dentist... i saw a car beside my mom's car that looks like this.
ate western food for lunch before heading to dentist.
woots pose pose! i so wanna go out later at night.
oh oh! another thing. my school had founder's day today. the scouts and girl guides paid tribute to this dude who found today? my story on founder day was.. this guy name FOUNDER, got lost in the jungle during a scout's camp. So everyone is still looking for him, yes his name is founder. Everyone thinks he's dead right now but nooooo i say, he's still alive just that u gotta look for him. so have u found your founder? a lil story to entertain yourself. :p
*cheers. (:

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