Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Poem called, The "Needs" Of Ivan Lim.

I need money... so that i can pay for my license and upgrade my drums.
I need new clothes... so that my body doesnt feel naked.
I need new underwears... so that, it's okay you don't have to know.
I need new pants... so that you don't see my underwear.
I need new shoes... so that when you look down on my both feet and you'll think it's oh-so-sexay.
I need a new white G-shock watch... so that you'll get jealous of it.
I need new drumsticks... so that when i break mine i can use another pair and never stop drumming.
I need a new supreme cap... so that when my hair gets ugly i can wear it to cover my hair.
I need new bearbricks... so that I can look at it and adore it.
I need new songs... so that i'll never listen my old songs till i get bored of it.
I need to laugh at something stupid... so that i can entertain myself and never get bored of life.
I need to loose weight... so that i wont look so fat compared to Jack. *finally it rhymes!*
I need to party... so that i wont get bored writing i need stuffs.
I need you... so that, can i not use so that ah? Because I belong to nobody for the moment lah. watheheck. :p
I need not anymore homework... so that i won't get any more crazy.
Neverthless, I need You, God... so that I'll have a meaning to life every single day as i walk with You. (:

Wanna know why i wrote this? Because many people asked me what do i want for my birthday? Go me! :D Just wrap an Ang Pao packet and say," Ivan, this is your present i know you'll like it." since it's still chinese new year. Hong Bao Na Lai. :D hahahaha.

*vanwasere. (:

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