Friday, February 20, 2009

For The Sake Of Putting Something In My Blog.

THIS IS ME. Since I've just finished a couple of monthly test, I'm actually quite free to blog now. The 'rents and the brother went to church for discipleship conference so I'm all alone at home stuck with this stupid slow internet speed. A couple of random updates since I can't really do much with the blog now due to the slow internet. A Japanese dude, Masa came to my house to overnight for 3 days cos he was heading to new zealand and after that to somewhere else in the world to perform with his sexy saxophone. I like the picture somehow. Go me nice lighting! :pI got "inked" and i like it pretty much cos it looks pretty dope on my forearm. I'm a superstar. (:

I've became a Glutton, not gaining any weight though but have been craving and munching down all kind of good food into my mouth. picture above is ss22/2 nasi lemak which i ate like 5 packets within 12 hours and below is korean BBQ. I uploaded Kana curry house one too but it somehow got deleted. Bahh.

I'm really hating the fact my brother is leaving on Thursday. He's the closest human on earth. Been sleeping in the same room with him since i was born and the longest time he left the room was two weeks cos of mission trip. I'm gonna break down and cry soon.

*vanwasere. (:

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Sam said...

aaawww, dude. i'll be ur bro k? haha.