Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Love My Daddy!



I'm sorry for not spending the day with you and telling you that me and kor kor got ordered you a pug for your birthday. Teehee. (: Know that we'll always love you for who you are and bringing us up through all these years even though we "kek sei" you most of the times, thank you for tolerating with me especially. Now that you've reached the golden age, you're still looking young and that's totally phat. :D Me, your beloved son, will continue to be a good son to you and love you always for who you are. You've definitely set an example to me in everything that you do and i know that God is pleased with you. I love you, Daddy.

A RANDOM FACT: my dad is older than my mom 3 years, my bro is older than me 3 years, my dad is older than my bro 30 years and my mom is older than me 30 years. 3 is like the God-given number to my family. Heh.

Oh oh! My dad is having his valentines, birthday and the day he and my mom went to register their marriage all on the same day itself which is today. Pretty cool huh? You know lah men, cannot remember stuff one. Haha!

I spent my Valentines going to school early in the morning, with a lethargic me cos i watched KAMI and 90210 till midnight and i didn't study much for my physics test which pretty much suck. Did not study in school except for a maths lesson, cleaning up my class and taking my one hour physics test. Boohoo.

Went home to bathe to get ready for youth. I dont have any pictures bout what happened at youth but it was really really FUNNEH! A wedding makeover. For those who missed it, too bad.

Headed to HuiYing's church for some valentine thingy, ate dinner there since it's on Ying and headed to Old Town Kopitiam to spend the night with Andrew, Sam and Shawna. (:

I had a pretty good and tiring day cos of my 5 hours sleep and walking all day punya day.

I've been pretty lazy to blog and upload pictures to my comp due to my tuitions and my Entourage, 90210 and KAMI. Sorry lah weih.

Will blog bout my party soon..?


*vanwasere. (:

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