Friday, September 5, 2008

Ms. Nenlin. (:

It was during the holidays. manage to catch up with THIS GIRL(points down) after months of talking bout how our day should be like when we go out. I had a great time just talking to her. watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. potong-ed movie. well she(points below again) got the ending right and i thought the guy would go back with Sarah. To think bout it, if he was going to get back with Sarah, why would be the movie called 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'? how stupid of me.

After the movie, finally got some sun cos we were freezing cold in the cinema. AND AND, she spent alot on me. :D i spent on her too. How nice of her and me to treat other so nice.

nenlin. (:

she has chubby cheeks too!

crouching tiger, hidden dragon? more like pouting bird, hidden bat.

one and a half year anni! (:

*cheers. (:

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