Saturday, August 16, 2008

Super Mario Boxers!

thanks king liangzhi! :D love it.

i was just talking to ms sarahlee the day before how i love supermario so much. i've got it from my mama like seriously. she was playing supermario on microgenius game console when i was in her womb. that's why i got the skills in playing it and that's why i love supermario so much. especially the song. awesome stuff! best classic game ever!

i had a small lil gig at destiny church with michael,thomas and clarice on saturday night. and the funny thing was, my drumsticks flew on the first song cos something on the snare broke and it hit my drumsticks got stuck into it and flew like super far away. it was kinda sucky drumming coming from me. practice was 10times better. the other band that performed is freetofall. didnt stay back for their performance cos i thought i could rush to kapoh's bday party in hartamas after that. dang i really missed the party wasted. i thought i could have some fun time just chilling out with the rest.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO KAPOH AND BEN! :D awesome peeps in my life.

this picture that i drew is currently my wallpaper on my phone. (: random stuff.

*cheers. (:

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