Friday, September 19, 2008

This is my first and prolly my last time doing a TAG.

Since Melissa jie and Ms. Sarah Lee tagged me on this one, guess i'd be doing it cos these two peeps are definitely two special peeps in my life. I've got time too anyways. :D

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.

1. I don't like doing TAGS. Unless i come out with one.
why? I'd rather play drums. :D

2. I wipe my drumsticks with baby wipes after using em.
My palms tend to have reddish spot if i touch something dirty especially my drumsticks, somehow those spots will spread to the sole of my foot. It's disgusting.

Okay the picture is too big, i'm a lil tad bit lazy to delete it now. SEE(points up). Disgusting..

3. I open the fridge just to see what i can get when i know there's nothing i can get from it.

I think alot of people have this habit. I've got this habit since i was young and am still opening the fridge everyday for at least 5 times for no reason. It's an expensive habit. It costs electricity, Ivan.

4. I'm just typing what comes into my mind now. Oh yeah, i like telling people random stuff,

especially ms. i-cause-volcanoes who tagged me. Like the other day i asked her, 'Why don't pigeons have ears?' after i looked at one when i came back from school. She didn't answer me. I'm still wondering.

5. I always complain I'm fat and telling everyone I'm gonna go on a diet but I never put my words into action.

Yeah, enough said.

6. STREETHING is the first thing i go to when i get online.

I'm addicted to I know I don't have the money in the world to get any of those stuff. It's just my daily dose to satisfy my needs for STARING at stuff relating to street culture. Especially SHOES. It's part of my life for sure.

7. I'm weird?

The BIMB in my class said i'm weird cos prolly i'm the NOISIEST NERD one has ever met..? Yes, i do study when exam comes for sure.

8. I like putting my leg up onto my brother's bed when i'm sleeping.

My dad somehow has this habit too. My bed is like lower than my brother's one so i can put my leg up on his bed and he gets really annoyed when i do it. I put it up every night though. That's like one of the ways i can fall asleep easily.

9. When i was younger, i used to bite my toe nails too.

Yes disgusting, i grew out of it.

10. I... I'm... (with one breath) I'M A SHY GUY DEEP DEEP INSIDE!

That's what i tell Shawna in class when i'm bored. Heh joke?

11. I drink soft drinks to get me studying.

It's a habit i need to get rid off. It's just like drugs.

12. Have you found the source of noise?

I like making noise. Is that a habit?

13. WHY?! The sky so high that you marry a sakai. Honey you're so funny just like barney in my tummy and it makes me feel carney just like a dummy.

I like to rhyme. I'm deprived of nursery rhymes.

14. I try on clothes to see what fits me and what don't during my free time.

Yes, this is something prolly you don't know. :p


Gosh i took more than half an hour just to think bout all these. I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, i wanna be in movies!

Melissa Jie and Sarah Lee gotta be happy cos i did it for both of you. okay okay? bed time for meee!

*cheers. (:

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