Monday, June 9, 2008

too cool for school.

the start of the 2nd semester of school, i was somehow somewhat looking forward to go to school in the morning. woke up late as usual. got ready and headed to school.
stood during assembly, listened to those boring 'meaningful' speech from the teachers.
after assembly, teacher called me up. i know i was in trouble. they told me that mo-hi-ken style is not allowed in school and didn't allowed me to enter my class. there's nothing worse than this aight? called up my dad and he brought me to the barber. i was surprised that my parents didn't scold me except for my bro calling me stupid again and again. hahaha.
ANYWAYS, i've no idea why i wrote so much. you can read from here. i got kinda suspended from class till i get my hair done. dad picked me up. went to cut. ate breakfast at mamak. and went back to school with a super fuugly haircut. it's okay it'll grow. it looks like this now. ):
school rule no. 1000232142435345 says,"mo-hawk is not allowed in school cos it's too COOL for school rules." as price of everything is raising up, mommy's home cooked food tastes even better.
aunty karen's lasagna recipe, made by mommy. oh-so-yummy!
i caught a spider! :D i love spideys.
even though i had some so called disciplince probs in school. my dad bought me a watch. :D
sexy white ya'll!

*cheers. (:

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