Monday, June 2, 2008


give me the chou ah beng look! i'm jay chou wannabe! :p this is what happens after you go to cyber cafe during midnight to play dota. bro, zhiyu, feiju(ah keong), ah lun, sin kuan. "wei shen me ni men zhen tian dou zai wan DOTA?" X)

daryll a.k.a jerry. reading newspaper at night.
fat boy.
ben siew. telling his lame jokes that people will never get bored of.
mango loh at k.t.z( kei tak zek) remember to eat or not? who forgets to eat their food? we're malaysians man.i stalked a few ah ma when i was walking back from lunch. they hang out at bus stations. how cool is that? :p
*cheers. (:

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