Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great! Just Great?

Sometimes, I think my highlighter is taller than my apartment, just sometimes.FIX YOUR FACE-COACHELLA by TRAVIS BARKER & DJ AM. Dig 'em, till a hole appeared.

I love hip hop and I cannot lie. Go figure what song's that.
My week has been filled with Bible Knowledge of Acts and Luke, and I've just done reading through once and I've a trials later. I skipped class dinner yesterday but ended up sleeping at 8pm and the family plus church friends headed out to Broga Hill ( I don't know how it's spelled ) to see sunrise but I'm here bumming with my BK book and a half an hour break with Travis Barker and DJ AM rocking the silence in my room.
I remembered when I was form 1 and Yun Tjin, who's currently drummer of Broken Scars(Youtube it) from church asked me which drummer I looked up to when I was auditioning for worship team, and the first name that came into my mind was Travis Barker. I've been looking up to him ever since then.

Many people might think that Travis Barker is too "cliche", I don't completely agree with it nor do i completely disagree with it. So what if he plays simple beats and everyone thinks he's better than him? Just listen to his beats, simple stuff but it fills in all the emptiness in the band, the song and making it whole. Look at the way he hit the drums, now that's passion! He was definitely the backbone for Blink 182 and I was pretty sad when they had an argument that time. A three man band making music sounds so good. Ivan says, " One can put a 10man band playing their individual instruments yet sound empty."

Travis Barker's real lucky to have Dj AM playing music together with him too as DJ AM's really good with the thing he does and it connects with the crowd. I would be pretty darn thankful and blessed if I had a DJ AM mixing all the tunes that's in my head and doing his stuff. One word for this album, DOPE!
I've been spending alot of time reading my girlfriends. I destest them so much but yet I've to show so much love for them.

Other than that, trials is a week time and I don't think I'll ever be ready unless H1N1 closes the school down and we'll have one more week at home to study. No one will ever be ready for exams though cos we'll never know what's coming out for exam. So, it's all up to God. Reveal the questions in my dream pretty pretty please? :D

I've been sleeping too much and my body clock's pretty screwed up right now. Been taking my daily doses of Neslo, 3 spoons of Milo, 2 spoons of Nescafe and whole lots of condense milk or milk powder.

I'm throwing my social life away for these 4 months for SPM, for real. Maybe. A random acronym for SPM, see pretty monkey!

I'm looking forward for the day when SPM ends it'll definitely be glorious. I miss everyone, I miss shopping, I miss talking crap all day long.
Samuel Lim, admitted to hospital the other day due to pneumonia, get well soon yeap? Do keep him in your prayers as he's gotta study for trials.
I'm so dope that I make you look like a rope.
Signing out from temptation, which's my computer name.

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