Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Killed Someone.


It was just now, when i was driving, my very first lesson with Mr Ng. So he was instructing me, well he wasn't that nice lah but oh well i've gotta bare with him for another 10hours?

Anyways that not the point. There were 2 pigeons at one point and I KILLED A FREAKING PIGEON. I named it Bobby cos it's a stupid bird. I was driving slow, so i thought the bird would fly away. But noooo i was wrong the bird stood there and i rolled over it. Mr Ng, " see you drive so fast now u kill the little bird already. " I was like *dots* I drove like bout 20km/h only i think?

When i got back i picked up my phone and called Sarah Lee cos i had this conversation with her bout pigeons not having ears. It was a random fact that i told her quite some time ago and i guess it's proven now. :p
Bout half an hour after i got back from driving, Sam called, " Huiying's mom coming to pick you up from your house in 20mins time. " Lol this jakun didnt even tell me before hand. But it was worth it cos Huiying's parents brought us out for dinner at a restaurant near Sam's house and he was like telling us bout how thankful he is to God when there's good food. Went for chem at night in Pn Lee's house. Guess i'm only gonna join after mid terms.
Got home, told my parents bout the whole pigeon thing, they told me to repent. Enough said.


Skipped school for a last minute thing called Bola baling. The objective of the game: use your hands to score a goal. It's a rough game lah cos everyone kinda push and pull and fight and take out parangs all just to score a goal.
These are the cuts i got on Good Friday after bola baling training. We played in mud and every single one of us were covered with mud from head to toe. It was really fun. :D

Mommy, " Why play until like that one?"
Me, " Cos I'm a boy. "
I got sunburnt. My skin colour is not really proportional now cos my body's like super fair. ish.
Just got up from my sleep after a tiring day. I didnt even get into the court cos the form 4's were playing and Sam, Amarul, Woon, Charapa and I were the cheerleaders. Even told em to bring pom poms tomorrow so that our school team will win, hopefully.
So, I need to start studying. Dang it.
*vanwasere. (:

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