Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Battle Of The Geeks & Paramore!

I can do this equation in 90 seconds.

Today's Tuesday and I went to school, just for awhile.
Why? Cos I went to sunway college for the " Battle Of The Geeks", in my words of course. It's sunway college a level maths and logic competition 2009. I was kinda chosen to represent the school with 3 other peeps, Ivory who's my teammate and Renesh together with Danielle. Guess we're the geeks of the school? I'm the not so smart one compared to them and teacher chose me cos i don't know why and I was quite flattered laah. (:

How did i do for the thingy? I failed miserably i guess? There was 2 rounds and for the first round i only answered 5 questions out of 25 and it was objective questions. You get 2 marks for each correct answer and a deduction of 1 mark if answered wrong. Then it was time for round 2 and i was teamed up with Ivory. We did pretty, okay? It was definitely a challenge against time cos we only have like 90 secs - 120 secs depending on the questions to answer it. We got like 3 right answers out of 15. Congrats to Catholic high school who got champion and a full scholarship in A level. Oh oh! It was proven today that more guys are better, in terms of maths. There were 18prizes given out to the the top 18 scorers due to the ties among few contestants and out of 18 peeps only one of em is a girl. The worse thing bout this competition, it wasn't the anxiety i was feeling cos i know i'm like the odd one out compared to the rest, but it was the coldness of the hall. Freaking cold that I wanted to pee everytime i go in. Gee.

Pictures is all in the Samsung Omnia and I don't have the cable so I can't upload it. Fell asleep right when i stepped into Pn Teh's car. Only woke up when Danielle nudged me cos we've already reached school.

I'm A Geek Inside, But A Cool Guy On The Outside. :D
Who are these people who calls themselves " Secret Lover"..?

I was eager to head home, no not to study, but to watch Paramore's live concert, The Final Riot! Andrew gave me in the morning cos he said The Intro my band made(huh what band? not telling you all. :p ) sounds similar to it. It doesn't sound like it at all lah. I'm really into their music, their kinda similar to Anberlin to me, maybe cos both drummers use TRUTH drums which sounds really really dope! Their music has alot of meaning in it and i was just reading Wikipedia on how they named their album and how they got their name. Paramore which means Secret Lover in Latin i think? And their music is definitely for the Almighty God that I worship too. (: Zac Farro, with Truth drums and Meinl cymbals.

The hottest rocker chick ever, Hayley Williams. My band is currently looking for a Hayley Williams with great attitude and show(wo)manship like her of course. :D I was googling pictures and i found this pair of awesome Vans kicks. Some guy made a custom for it and I would definitely want to own one of these.

Currently listening to-Paramore RIOT!

So how do you mix Paramore with Mutemath, with a little blend of Anberlin and top it off with some of our own tunes?

I just had to put this video on cos it's so awesome and i think it's Zac Farro doing a really funny dance, i've watched it at least 10times.

and the few of us monkeys tried to do this in school today, the Jeremy Davis pressure flip. :D

i think i'm gonna use small fonts from now on?

*vanwasere. (:

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