Saturday, August 16, 2008

To the dentist and back with a not-so-original tooth. ):

spot the fakey.
had an almost 2 super long hours appoinment with the dentist the other day. let me tell you my story..
it all started when i was standard 2, it was a fine day after school in the evening. kids all over the playground playing on the swings, slide, monkey bars etc etc. we, cooler kids had bikes. (rempit sial) i remembered i had a lil small red bike. have no idea from which lapsap side my dad pick it up from, but it's sentimental to me. oh oh and the cool thing bout it is the tyres can never be punctured cos it's made out of fully rubber. even the inside. yeaah it's a cool kid's bike.
so all of us raced our bikes and we had a stop behind of the apartment. when everyone stopped, i was still pedaling like crazy. then i didnt see my friend's bike and i knocked his bike. causing my face to jerk forward, STUPID INERTIA! got my face banged on my bike's handle bar. whole mouth was bleeding like a blood waterfall from my mouth causing my school uniform to look as if i had a major period stain all over my body.
my tooth was hurting badly. i still remember what my kor told me, ' ivan, your teeth all drop already' . me being a small kid didnt bother much cos i was in bad pain. he walked me up to my house, then my parents brought me to dr wong's clinic at taman paramount(he's my family doctor). he said he can't do anything, so my dad carried me to the car and we headed to some hospital. people even asked if i got knocked down by a car.
while i was hugging my mommy, she asked whether i still want to ride bikes. i said " no, i'll never get on a bike ever again. " waited for maybe an hour or two before i got into the emergency ward. had stiches on my lips and had surgery on most of my front tooth.
yeah that's bout the story of why i had been visiting the dentist for almost every week since the beginning of the year. to do crowning for my tooth which has no nerve roots anymore after i had this accident when i was 8 years old.
i was back on my bike right after my tooth got better and i didnt have to do anymore surgery. :D
sorry mommy i told you a lie. ): i'm gonna do my permanent crowning next wednesday.
*cheers. (:

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