Tuesday, January 1, 2008

YEAR 2008!

im here once again blogging. woots. have been doing so much for the hols and yeah i kinda got bored of blogging d. i'll somehow try to learn how to use facebook so u ppl can just go and check out my pictures there and i'll let the pictures do the talking. :D

year 2007 have been a fruitful year for me. i've learnt so much from every kind of ppl in my life. really a blessing to me. and i know year 2008 is gonna be even a bigger year for me. just wanna thank God for everything cos He has been with me throughout the whole year. it's just so cool when everything fall into place. even if it doesnt its still God's plan and i'm sure it's best for me.

so i'm gonna live the best out of my life and live everyday as if there's no tomorrow. i've got a journal for myself d so i guess i won't be blogging much anymore. soooooooo everyone. set ur new year's resolution and achieve it alright? i've done mine and i'll try my best to do it. have an awesome year and God bless ya'll.

*cheers. (:

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