Wednesday, January 23, 2008


meet Kat Von D(Katherine Von Drachenberg)
i dont know why today suddenly feel like blogging. just too bored cos its thaipusam. at this point i just feel like going to school for reccess for one hour and go home after that. random.
anyways LA INK is up tonight! thats why im gonna blog bout it. i've nvr missed an episode of it yet. it's 10pm on channel 707. the travel and living channel. i've been watching miami ink last time everyday but now it keeps on repeating and i've watched like almost every single episode of season 2 thats why no point watching. but i dont know why after i watched la ink i feel that miami ink is kinda boring. probably cos KAT VON D's(HOT HOT HOT!!!!)shop is so much bigger than miami ink's shop. and probably cos she's too hot. love her shop although its kinda a lil too much. i've got a thing for tattoos. really drives me crazy when i see it on tv. i dont see much nice tattoos in msia cos normally its like only blue-ish faded colour which is i think low quality tattoo ink. but after watching miami ink. im like wow. i love tattoos. im so gonna get one from la ink or miami ink when i grow up. :D so lets see some KAT VON D! make sure u peeps out there watch it aight?

*cheers. (:

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